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A car for your every needs

A car for your every needs

S, M, L ou XL : Cambio offers you the freedom to choose the vehicle that suits your needs best.

Different models are at there for you, from the small city car to the utility vehicle.



Always a car nearby

Cambio is present in more than 30 cities in the country and now has more than 290 stations.

A local anchorage that ensures you always have a car at your fingertips!

Drive whenever you want

Do you need a car for an hour, a week or more?

Make your reservations according to your needs.
You only pay for the real use of the car.

shared vehicles in Brussels

stations in Belgium

minutes to make a reservation

What is Cambio?

Cambio, this is 480 shared cars in Brussels, available 24/7!
In less than 2 minutes, book your S, M, L or XL car at one of our many resorts.

Free signup + 3 free months with code Spring* !

*Until 25/06/2019